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Simplicity Health Systems’ lead product, docflock, is a HIPAA compliant, healthcare communication and content sharing platform.  Healthcare professionals and institutions are provided with a powerful tool for content sharing, document management / storage, data analysis, and reporting. docflock healthcare IT addresses these needs through:

  • Patient-centric, template based, healthcare document management
  • Secure, HIPAA compliant, rule based document sharing
  • Plug and play deployment and simple user interface
  • Enhanced work processes enablement through a simple to learn, cloud-based document management platform
  • Rich data analytics and reporting capabilities

The docflock suite of products provide for document management, referral processing, third-party data enablement, schedule automation, analysis, and reporting. docflock has been successfully deployed within a wide variety of settings , including; Sleep Medicine Centers, Physical Therapy Practices, Medical Device Sales, Community Hospitals, Surgery Centers, and Toxicology Laboratories.

docflock DS enables timely and accurate information sharing within your organization and with external teams. It is a rule-based, HIPAA compliant way to ensure that your team is truly a team.

docflock CS is a highly customizable tool that incorporates easy to use free-text templates.  docflock is designed to enhance patient documentation, because sometimes a drop down menu isn’t enough.

docflock PI is a cloud-based analytics platform that provides real-time insight into all aspects of your organization.

docflock DM understands that documents are the backbone of healthcare practice.  They are the institutional memory of patient care. docflock DM maximizes document usability.  



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