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docflock is the core platform from Simplicity Health Systems (SHS). Simplicity Health Systems was founded in 2009 in response to the federal government’s HITECH act, which was a call for the advancement of healthcare technology. Each of our three founders brought more than 15 years of industry relevent experience. Early on, and to their surprise, it became evident that the direction taken by many IT solutions within healthcare was failing to deliver the benefits normally associate with technology – improved efficiency, increased quality, and lower cost. This realization emboldened the SHS team to tackle this challenge.

However, the team’s focus did not become our mission until personal circumstances showed the potential for devastating consequences. A family member of one of our founders had significant and comorbid chronic disease. Like many older patients, he found it difficult to remember all of the details of his condition, let alone his medications and treatment expectations. His managing physician and the regular clinical team took great care to ensure optimum outcomes. However, due to the progression of his condition, the patient was referred out for tests and further evaluation. Communication between offices, laboratories, and even within the individual practices was difficult. Lab results came in, exams were performed, and evaluations completed. Given the advancement of disease, and lacking any documentation that would suggest otherwise, significant changes were ordered to medications and treatment. Unfortunately, the lack of shared documentation, along with the reliance on the patient for disease history, led to a devastating outcome. The family member succumbed to an untreated underlying condition – a condition well understood by the referring provider.

Thus, it is our team’s passion and motivation to address the gaps within healthcare technology. It is personal. The team committed itself to “fixing healthcare IT”. We have committed to providing technology that is intuitive, fits within normal routines, and will ensure effective communication. Rather than feeling constrained, the team has embraced the critical role that the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) plays in healthcare. This has allowed for the development of truly novel communication solutions, which facilitate continuity of care. Furthermore, our team embraces healthcare’s document legacy, while still providing a powerful tool for content sharing, document management / storage, data analysis, and robust reporting.

Meet the Team

Chad Zerangue

CEO and Founder

John Baldwin

COO and Founder

J. Michael Artigue

Corp. Council and Founder

Lauren Masraff

Manager – Professional Services

Shannon Shait

Human Resources

Bill Blondin

Chief Architect

Conway Reimer

Chief Revenue Officer

Clayton Ramsey

Lead Analyst

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