…because simple reveals clarity

docflock is a HIPAA compliant, healthcare communication and content sharing platform. docflock allows healthcare professionals to manage documents and data in a way that is uninhibited by the constraints of other health information technology. docflock aggregates content, regardless of its format, so that it can be processed and acted upon in a consistent and predictable manner.

Within the flow of patient care, there are hundreds of micro-moments and tasks, which are reliant on the transfer of information from one task to the next. docflock is the only healthcare technology platform to successfully integrate each distinct set of data into a comprehensive and usable dataset. Through its simple user interface and adaptation to customer needs, docflock provides workflow integration without interruption. docflock’s robust, rule-based sharing protocol bridges current information transfer gaps, both inter and intra organization, which enable healthcare professionals to regain operational control.

Key outcomes associated with the implementation of docflock include:

  • Increased accountability and reduced rework
  • Unmatched analytics, practice intelligence, and reporting
  • Improved reimbursement and reduced write-offs
  • Enhanced professional connectivity and continuity of care
  • Improved patient engagement
  • Empowered to meet the rapid healthcare “Rate of Change”

simple reveals clarity

docflock DS enables timely and accurate information sharing within your organization and with external teams. It is a rule-based, HIPAA compliant way to ensure that your team is truly a team.

docflock CS is a highly customizable tool that incorporates easy to use free-text templates.  docflock is designed to enhance patient documentation, because sometimes a drop down menu isn’t enough.

docflock PI is a cloud-based analytics platform that provides real-time insight into all aspects of your organization.

docflock DM understands that documents are the backbone of healthcare practice.  They are the institutional memory of patient care. docflock DM maximizes document usability.  



Healthcare Technology is Letting You Down

Technology is supposed to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and improve quality.

Can you say that about your information technology?

docflock helps healthcare teams take control by delivering tools that fit within

their established protocols – tools that live up to the technology promise.

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Recent docflock Awards and Recognition

South by Southwest
Top Pick of 2016

30 Most Promising HealthTech Companies of 2016

HealthTech Innovation Class of 2017

10 Fastest Growing HealthTech Companies 2017

Customer Success Stories

From docflock Users Across the Country

docflock is much better than our old system.  It is easy to use and has helped us streamline our therapy processes and workflows.

Travis Fulton

VP of Ancillary Services, Wise Health Systems

docflock has helped us gain insight in to our financial operations, which has resulted in a very strong return on investment.

Ryan LaRoque

CNIM / Chief Clinical Consultant, National Neuromonitoring Services

docflock is an integral part of both our clinical operations and our service delivery. docflock provides us with sophisticated analytics and reporting capabilities, but even more importantly, real-time insight into our processes. Through docflock, every team member has access and visibility into our workflow and efficiency measures, and management has a definitive way to enforce compliance with workflow and policies.”

Gustavo De Avillez

Chief Operations Officer, Rein Health

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